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BackupPolicy is a namespaced resource that should be referenced from MySQLCluster.


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BackupPolicyList contains a list of BackupPolicy


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BackupPolicySpec defines the configuration items for MySQLCluster backup.\n\nThe following fields will be copied to CronJob.spec:\n\n- Schedule - StartingDeadlineSeconds - ConcurrencyPolicy - SuccessfulJobsHistoryLimit - FailedJobsHistoryLimit\n\nThe following fields will be copied to CronJob.spec.jobTemplate.\n\n- ActiveDeadlineSeconds - BackoffLimit

scheduleThe schedule in Cron format for periodic backups. See
jobConfigSpecifies parameters for backup Pod.JobConfigtrue
startingDeadlineSecondsOptional deadline in seconds for starting the job if it misses scheduled time for any reason. Missed jobs executions will be counted as failed ones.*int64false
concurrencyPolicySpecifies how to treat concurrent executions of a Job. Valid values are: - "Allow" (default): allows CronJobs to run concurrently; - "Forbid": forbids concurrent runs, skipping next run if previous run hasn't finished yet; - "Replace": cancels currently running job and replaces it with a new onebatchv1.ConcurrencyPolicyfalse
activeDeadlineSecondsSpecifies the duration in seconds relative to the startTime that the job may be continuously active before the system tries to terminate it; value must be positive integer. If a Job is suspended (at creation or through an update), this timer will effectively be stopped and reset when the Job is resumed again.*int64false
backoffLimitSpecifies the number of retries before marking this job failed. Defaults to 6*int32false
successfulJobsHistoryLimitThe number of successful finished jobs to retain. This is a pointer to distinguish between explicit zero and not specified. Defaults to 3.*int32false
failedJobsHistoryLimitThe number of failed finished jobs to retain. This is a pointer to distinguish between explicit zero and not specified. Defaults to 1.*int32false

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BucketConfig is a set of parameter to access an object storage bucket.

bucketNameThe name of the bucketstringtrue
regionThe region of the bucket. This can also be set through AWS_REGION environment variable.stringfalse
endpointURLThe API endpoint URL. Set this for non-S3 object storages.stringfalse
usePathStyleAllows you to enable the client to use path-style addressing, i.e., https?://ENDPOINT/BUCKET/KEY. By default, a virtual-host addressing is used (https?://BUCKET.ENDPOINT/KEY).boolfalse
backendTypeBackendType is an identifier for the object storage to be used.stringfalse
caCertPath to SSL CA certificate file used in addition to system default.stringfalse

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JobConfig is a set of parameters for backup and restore job Pods.

serviceAccountNameServiceAccountName specifies the ServiceAccount to run the Pod.stringtrue
bucketConfigSpecifies how to access an object storage bucket.BucketConfigtrue
workVolumeWorkVolume is the volume source for the working directory. Since the backup or restore task can use a lot of bytes in the working directory, You should always give a volume with enough capacity.\n\nThe recommended volume source is a generic ephemeral volume.
threadsThreads is the number of threads used for backup or restoration.intfalse
cpuCPU is the amount of CPU requested for the Pod.*resource.Quantityfalse
maxCpuMaxCPU is the amount of maximum CPU for the Pod.*resource.Quantityfalse
memoryMemory is the amount of memory requested for the Pod.*resource.Quantityfalse
maxMemoryMaxMemory is the amount of maximum memory for the Pod.*resource.Quantityfalse
envFromList of sources to populate environment variables in the container. The keys defined within a source must be a C_IDENTIFIER. All invalid keys will be reported as an event when the container is starting. When a key exists in multiple sources, the value associated with the last source will take precedence. Values defined by an Env with a duplicate key will take precedence.\n\nYou can configure S3 bucket access parameters through environment variables. See[]EnvFromSourceApplyConfigurationfalse
envList of environment variables to set in the container.\n\nYou can configure S3 bucket access parameters through environment variables. See[]EnvVarApplyConfigurationfalse
affinityIf specified, the pod's scheduling constraints.*AffinityApplyConfigurationfalse
volumesVolumes defines the list of volumes that can be mounted by containers in the Pod.[]VolumeApplyConfigurationfalse
volumeMountsVolumeMounts describes a list of volume mounts that are to be mounted in a container.[]VolumeMountApplyConfigurationfalse

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