MOCO Helm Chart

How to use MOCO Helm repository

You need to add this repository to your Helm repositories:

$ helm repo add moco
$ helm repo update

Quick start

Installing cert-manager

$ curl -fsL | kubectl apply -f -

Installing the Chart


This installation method requires cert-manager to be installed beforehand. To install the chart with the release name moco using a dedicated namespace(recommended):

$ helm install --create-namespace --namespace moco-system moco moco/moco

Specify parameters using --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install.

Alternatively a YAML file that specifies the values for the parameters can be provided like this:

$ helm install --create-namespace --namespace moco-system moco -f values.yaml moco/moco


image.repositorystring""MOCO image repository to use.
image.tagstring{{ .Chart.AppVersion }}MOCO image tag to use.

Generate Manifests

You can use the helm template command to render manifests.

$ helm template --namespace moco-system moco moco/moco

Upgrade CRDs

There is no support at this time for upgrading or deleting CRDs using Helm. Users must manually upgrade the CRD if there is a change in the CRD used by MOCO.

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